How to register smart tv on - Download and install amazon prime application on your smart tv or apple tv. When you open and sign in to amazon prime account, you will get 6 digit amazon mytv code on screen. This is amazon activation code which needs to be entered at mytv to activate prime videos.

Activate Amazon prime on smart tv or apple tv

  1. Open your web browser and visit webpage to register your device.
  2. Enter your 6 digit amazon mytv code to activate prime.
  3. Sign in with amazon account credentials.
  4. Enjoy Streaming Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Videos at

If you want to enjoy and stream famous motion pictures, TV shows and web shows on smart tv you need to get amazon prime subscription or membership. Amazon prime subscription provides you free quick conveyance, boundless video real time, selective admittance to bargains, among others. is the official webpage to register and activate amazon prime video services. You can enjoy amazon prime free trial services or subscribe for monthly or yearly subscription.

How to register and verify amazon mytv activation code?

If you want to enjoy amazon prime streaming services you need to register your device first. The process to register device includes -

  1. Download and install amazon prime app
  2. Open app and sign in to amazon prime account
  3. Get amazon mytv activation code
  4. Visit or
  5. Enter activation code for amazon
  6. Sign in to amazon account
  7. Enjoy amazon prime on your tv


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